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Boat Wraps

Custom Boat Wraps & Graphics

Vinyl wraps are not just made for cars, with the advancements in vinyl technology wrapping boats have become an effective and durable solution to conquering the seas.


Now that summer has arrived it is the time to get the eye catching look for your marine craft that you have long desired.


There are no limitations to what marine vehicles can be wrapped. Along with boats; jet skis, sea-doo’s, and even yachts can be wrapped. With help from the Wrap Monkey team, wrapping your vehicle to meet your every need has just got easier!

More Ideas, Options & Styles


Looking for something simpler and more cost efficient? Not only can we create digitally printed boat wraps, we can also create single/multi-colored boat graphics.  With the use of knifeless tape and high quality car wrap vinyls we can create a unique design that will be eye catching as well as durable.  Whilst using knifeless tape this allows us to create perfectly accurate shapes/designs without ever having to take a knife to your vehicle! Pinstriping is also available in countless colors of gloss, metallics to accent your boat to meet your every need.

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