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About Us

With a wealth of experience gathered over years in the vehicle wrapping industry, Wrap Monkey is one of the North Easts leading vehicle wrapping services. We provide the business and people of Newcastle, Sunderland and the Uk with full vehicle wraps and unique finishes which not only stand out but stand the test of time in terms of quality and styling.


Taking a huge amount of pride in every job we do, big or small, we only use the best materials and equipment to ensure our customers are provided with the best wrap possible and a superior finish.


Striving to be at the forefront of the vehicle wrapping industry, our service constantly evolves, expanding our network of prestige car clients such as: PORSCHE, BENTLEY, ASTON MARTIN, BMW, MERCEDES & LAND ROVER whilst working alongside a huge range of different businesses and celebrities.


Here at Wrap Monkey we promise a personal service for our clients, where we can provide a tailor-made quote on budget graphics to full specialist vehicle wraps for all types of industries, any sized fleet/livery or any vehicle, made to meet our customer’s exact specifications.


Working Conditions

At Wrap Monkey we work in clean, dust free, heated units so that we can apply the vinyl at the optimal temperature to ensure you get the best wrap possible for your vehicle.


No matter what your car, our specialist body shop will fully strip your car, so we can apply the graphic throughout giving you a perfect vehicle wrap.

Safe Hands Insurance

When your car is in our safe hands we are 100% responsible. We have a big enough workshop to house 12 cars overnight and an external locked compound with CCTV and Night Security.


Wrap Monkey are fully insured and will not ask you to sign any forms shifting liability from us to yourselves. Everything is covered by us.


Wrap Preparation

At Wrap Monkey we then clean the car in 3 stages. Firstly thoroughly with water and foam to remove the grime and dust, then Isopropanol for removal of waxes and other detailing products & then Upol for a squeaky clean finish.


Then we remove every possible section of your vehicle to ensure the wrap covers all of the hidden areas so the wrap can be the best it can be.


Our trained body shop staff work with protective gloves and specialist equipment to ensure your car is in the best possible condition before the wrap is applied.

We will also place mats and seat protectors inside the car when we have the car.

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