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Ultra Clear, Self Healing, UV Protecting, Chipping Resistant, Self Cleaning. 


What is Paint Protection?

The tough properties of Paint Protection Film means that it will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle from damage caused by stone chips, environmental elements, bugs, scratches and minor abrasions. Car bonnets, wings, bumpers, car and motorbike headlights, motorbike tanks and even motorbike helmets will benefit from our Paint Protection Film.

Whether you want standard coverage to protect the most vulnerable areas from damage, extended coverage to fully wrap your bonnet for improved aesthetics, or even full vehicle coverage for ultimate protection, we have a protective film solution for you.

We will clean and prepare the surfaces ready for the film to be applied, whilst the kits are cut on a plotter, using our bespoke vehicle templates. Each part is then carefully applied to the vehicle using water and a slip solution, to slide the material into place. The water is then squeegeed out from under the film. Finally, the edges are wrapped round the panels where possible to ensure an almost invisible finish. The film itself is virtually ‘orange peel’ free, so is almost indistinguishable from the original finish. It’s difficult to show the product off to anyone because it’s virtually invisible! Nevertheless, it’s a lot less visible than stone chips, scuffs and scratches.

911 GT2 RS PPF Film


Aston Martin Vantage


Mercedes AMG GT-R


Lamborghini Aventador Stealth PPF Film


Lamborghini Huracan Spyder PPF Film

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